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CHS offers a wide range of nautical publications that are indispensable companions to charts, enhancing safety at sea.

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CHS Publications

Atlas of Tidal Currents
Providing the hourly velocity and direction of tidal currents.
Canadian Tidal Manual
Theoretical background and the technical instruction involved in gathering and using tide, current, and water level information on hydrographic field surveys.
Canadian Tide and Current Tables
Providing the predicted tides in Canadian waters for one year.
Chart 1 Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms Used on Charts
Providing explanations of the symbols, abbreviations and terms used in CHS nautical charts.
Chart Catalogues
Including four catalogues describing all available CHS charts.
Sailing Directions
Offering detailed descriptions of the best approaches to harbours, harbour facilities, anchorages, local history, regulations and more.

Other Nautical Publications

Canada Aids to Navigation System
Providing descriptions and locations of external aids to navigation – lights, buoys, lightstations, fog signals, and more – to help mariners navigate safely.
Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters
Providing critical information for ice navigation.
List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals
Providing key information on aids to navigation.
Notices to Mariners Monthly Edition
Providing essential monthly updates to charts and publications, including newly discovered hazards to navigation.
Notices to Mariners Annual Edition
Providing a breadth of important information for marine navigation in Canada.
Radio Aids to Marine Navigation
Providing information on the radio communications and radio aids to navigation services provided by the Canadian Coast Guard.
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